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Dental Implants

Have missing teeth made you lose your confident smile? Are unstable dentures driving you crazy?

Dental implants give replacement teeth the ultimate stability while preventing the jaw atrophy that follows tooth loss.

Dr. Warren R. Gase can restore your implants at his Cincinnati, OH, office giving you a smile you can wear confidently.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jaw bone. These posts act as artificial tooth roots and are attached to a dental crown, bridge, or denture to fully replace the entire tooth structure. An advancement in dentistry, this superior tooth replacement solution offers patients unparalleled security, aesthetics, and function.


Who is a Good Candidate  for Dental Implants?


Anyone with a gap, or gaps in their smile who is in good oral and physical health. Tooth loss can be frightening and frustrating, and can significantly limit your quality of life. By replacing your missing tooth or teeth with implant-supported dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures, you can have a smile that is natural, functional, and healthy.

What Can Our Cincinnati Team Do for You?

Dr. Warren Gase works with the area’s most reputable oral surgeons who can safely place your dental implants with the utmost precision. The surgeon can also provide any necessary preparatory procedures, such as bone grafting. Once healing is complete and the titanium implants have fused with the bone (three to six months later), Dr. Gase will restore your implants with dental prosthetics that are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

"Dr. Gase is friendly, professional,
and very good at his profession."


Mark Wiggershaus

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Dr Gase is friendly, professional, and very good at his profession. Dr.Gase has dental assistants that are also friendly and professional. The staff at the front desk are helpfull, knowledgeable and friendly. From the time you walk in till the time you leave, you are well cared for.

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Karley McCartt

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Came by for a cleaning today and it was great. Staff is professional and informative. Their technology is up to date which not only makes their jobs easier, but so efficient for the patient too and helped get me in and out while still getting to work on time. Thanks Winnie, Leslie, & Dr. Gase!

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Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation

Dr. Gase strives to provide patients with the best possible tooth replacement solutions, which is why he uses dental implants to secure dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. Having over 30 years of dentistry experience, he can coordinate your treatment with a skilled oral surgeon. He will then use his skill and expertise to create your dream smile. Don't spend another minute missing your teeth. Contact us online or call our Cincinnati, OH, dental office to schedule your consultation.

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What to Expect

The first step in getting your dream smile is talking to your dentist.
The first step in getting your dream smile is talking to your dentist.


Dr. Gase will examine your teeth, bite, and health of your gums then recommend an oral surgeon to insert your dental implants.

First Surgery

The dental implants are placed in the jawbone and your gums are sutured over the top. During the healing process, the implant will fuse with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration. This makes your dental implants a stable base for the prosthesis and a permanent fixture in your mouth.

Second Surgery

After your implants have fused, your oral surgeon will attach abutments, which serves as the connection between the implant and the replacement tooth. The abutments will protrude from the gumline allowing a dental crown, bridge, or denture to be placed.

Custom Treatment Plan

Once your abutments have been placed, you have to wait for your surrounding gums to heal and form a a seal around the implant. After your gums have completely healed, your dentist will take an impression of your bite to create your customized restoration plan.


After your replacement tooth or teeth have been made, your dentist will securely attach your crown, bridge, or denture to your dental implants.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Besides being aesthetically displeasing and causing an overall lack of confidence, a missing tooth or missing teeth can lead to serious oral and overall health issues.

Prevent Wearing Down Natural Teeth

Without a full set of teeth, patients often compensate when chewing, leading to additional wear and stress on the remaining teeth. Additionally, teeth may begin to shift towards the space in your bite, affecting the alignment of your smile.

Prevent Jawbone Atrophy

Without tooth roots to stimulate the surrounding jaw, the bone tissue will begin to shrink and recede. This often affects the surrounding teeth and as they lose necessary support they become loose in the gums. Dental implants are the one and only restorative dentistry treatment that can provide this invaluable benefit.

Maintain Your Ability to Chew

An improper bite not only wears down your existing teeth, but can also affect the types of food you are able to enjoy. Certain healthy foods may be too difficult to chew, leading you to stop eating and getting those nutrients from them. Implants give you an improved and aligned bite, so you can enjoy any food you like.


Missing teeth can make it difficult to speak clearly. Implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures are sturdy and function as your natural teeth so you can maintain your normal speech patterns.

How to Care for Your Implants and Replacement Teeth With proper care, your dental implants will last a lifetime.

Routine Dental Visits

To extend the life of your prosthesis and maintain the health of your implants, regular visits to our dental office once every six months, or as prescribed by your dental professional, should be continued. Keeping your natural teeth healthy is incredibly important in maintaining your overall oral health.

At-Home Care

Your dental professional will give you a care routine so you can maintain your oral health between visits to our Cincinnati office. This typically involves brushing twice daily and flossing once a day, but other practices may be required depending on your individual needs. Both actions can be performed as usual with crowns, bridges, or dentures.

"I am so appreciative of having Dr Gase
and his staff as my dental provider."


Tom Hull

Cincinnati, OH

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Great experience Staff & Doctor Gase were very Professional.

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Cincinnati, OH

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One of the best dentist around! Everyone is very pleasant and very informative, just an all around laid back environment.

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Cost of Dental Implants

As no two smiles are the same, the cost of dental implants is as unique as your customized treatment plan. Dr. Gase and his Cincinnati team think everyone is deserving of a smile they can be proud of. That is why they accept CareCredit® and Lending Club financing that make a beautiful, healthy smile affordable on virtually any budget. Contact our Cincinnati office of dentistry professionals to find out what dental financing plan will be right for you.

Dr. Warren Gase

Dr. Warren R. Gase

Dr. Warren R. Gase has provided high-quality dentistry to his hometown of Cincinnati since 1986. Over the past three decades, Dr. Gase's friendly, professional, and detail-oriented service has earned him over 350 five-star reviews. Dr. Gase is a member of various prestigious organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • Ohio Dental Association
  • Cincinnati Dental Society
  • American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Academy of General Dentistry

Additionally, he uses high-end dental technology and offers flexible financing options. To schedule a visit to our dentist in Finneytown, request an appointment online or call us at (513) 931-3001.

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"If you are looking for a new dentist, look no further. Dr. Gase, along with his staff are top notch!!! Everyone is always very friendly and very helpful. It's like one big happy family. And your teeth get the treatment they deserve." Laila S.

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